When will an item restock?

-Restocks for perennial items, such as socks, are restocked as often as possible. Collections, such as JuneBug, or Beachcomber, may be restocked once a year, but may not be made the same way twice. Sign up for the newsletter to be informed of upcoming and available collections as soon as information becomes available. 

Can I visit William Ellery HQ?

-No. William Ellery is currently a small atelier focusing on the development of our gear, and is not open to the public. William Ellery Popups happen multiple times a year, usually as new collections become available. Sign up for the newsletter to be informed of upcoming popups.

Can I work at William Ellery?

-We are always collecting portfolios and resumes for all positions, so that when the opportunity arrises, we already have your information. Please post all resumes and portfolios in our Careers page. Resumes emailed to us, will be disregarded.