Preorders will ship based on an estimated timeline. Timelines will be stated in the product description, and are as accurate as possible. However, delays do happen, and we make no promises as to when an item will ship. We intend to keep communications open, and notify you of any major delay. We are in this together.

Any other items purchased along side a preorder will not ship until the preorder can be fulfilled. There is no changing order contents, sizes, or colors after ordering. Shipments can not be split up. Orders are final, and can not be canceled.

If something catastrophic happens during production, we reserve the right to cancel the order, and refund each order. We do not intend for this ever to be the case, and will do everything possible to finish the work.

Preordered items may be available in person before a preorder ships. Your preorder can not be fulfilled from this stock, as your preorder is currently in production.

Preorders may be limited and a purchase window may only available for certain dates.