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William Ellery & StanRay Confidence

Left for dead vintage painter's pants, made by Earl's Apparel in Crockett Texas sometime in the last 50 years. 

Reincarnated with the spirit of desert exploration, and the vitality of The Driver. 

Hand painted insignia of the stunt driver, down both legs. Painted in iron oxide, or mud dye. Painted in the same fashion as the driver of the soap box derby, the night before the big race. Drips and fingerprints.

Each pair is a bit different, but they run thin in the waist. Sizing up is recommended.

Sizing: These are vintage garments; high waisted, slim throughout the hips and straight in the leg with carpenter pockets. Size is actual waist measurement.

Mud dye fades with washing and time. Get the most out of your pants by never washing, or spot cleaning. If you must, wash inside out and hang drying. 

Do not leave any glory on the table.

Made in the USA. Twice.

Salvaged and reworked garment with scars and marks from labor and love.

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