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Decompenflage Woolly Balaclava

Decompenflage Woolly Balaclava

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William Ellery Woolly is an ultralight mid layer, made of a breathable mesh fleece.

A Woolly Balaclava is the complimentary head layer.

The small hairs on the Woolly Bear Moth, and other insects, help to keep their body warm, and muscles limber. This Woolly helps to keep you warm, and your muscles limber for outdoor activities. The highly breathable mesh fleece allows perspiration to evaporate, providing optimal temperature regulation while active.

Winter is thawing, exposing the dormant spring soil. This soil is rich in nutrients from the decaying leaving of fall and is hydrated from the melted snow. The decomposing matter of last year is the perfect transitional medium for spring.

This hand dyed Woolly reflects the pattern of the transitional soil in a camo we call Decompenflage.

These Balaclavas are made in a patchwork fashion from the scraps of our woolly sweaters in an effort to maximize fabric use.

This is an experimental color. Each fleece is hand dyed and has a different pattern. Some are more near blonde, brown, yellow, or green. They are all the same camo, but none are identical. Test at your own risk.

Decompanflage Colorway

4004 Alpha Direct 90gsm Polyester

Made in NYC, USA.

One size, Mens Large

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