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William Ellery Brushtail Socks Holiday Set

Limited Edition Pine Species Identification Box

High visibility, safety orange name tag will make spotting this easy, even if tucked into the back of the tree.

When the dust settles, the box can be used as a poster. Trim the flaps for a more refined presentation.

This box contains three Brushtail socks, one in each color. Black Walnut, Redwood, and Chanterelle.

Thin, lightweight, ultra-warm socks.

25% Brushtail Possum

60% Merino Wool

15% Nylon

The Brushtail Possum has a smooth, hollow hair structure, similar to a polar bear. The fiber is 55% warmer than Merino wool and 14% lighter. It's also naturally quick-drying and antimicrobial. 

We are not able to accommodate mixed size boxes. All socks in this set come in the same size.

When ordering multiple sizes, a blank sticker on the name tag will indicate size small.

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