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June Bug Jacket

June Bug Jacket

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William Ellery JuneBug Jacket

Iridescent prototype jackets for bug evasion. 

Our research, and that of our peers, suggests beetles use iridescence for predator evasion. We included this principle in our June Bug Jackets to evade the bugs themselves. Lightweight protection against UV, wind, and bugs. Built as prototypes for continued research.

  • Full coverage, fully detachable, mosquito net hood.
  • 40 million year old amber zipper pull
  • Caterpillar chest loop
  • Fully stow-able pouch

Size: One size fits all. On the larger side, but looks good and performs well when baggy.

June Bug Jacket colors:

    • 1. Willow Leaf Beetle (Dark Navy Iridescence)
    • 2. Violet Ground Beetle (Dark Purple Iridescence)
    • 3. JuneBug (Light Green Iridescence)
    • 4. Steely Beetle (Cobalt Iridescence)
    • 5. Jewel Beetle (Green/blue Iridescence)
    • 6. Blue Beetle (Light Blue Iridescence)
    • 7. Stag Beetle (Deep Red Iridescence)
    • 8. Scarab (Dark Green Iridescence)

Colors in these jackets are difficult to describe, as they change with every look, but we believe these to be accurate descriptions.

Salvaged and reworked garment with scars and marks from labor and love.

Jackets may contain artifact printing on chest, collar, or arms from previous lives. Each Jacket is unique, but chosen for it's style.

Made in USA.

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