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JuneBug Net Hat

JuneBug Net Hat

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William Ellery JuneBug Hat mimics the iridescent carapace of the June Bug and other beetles. This dynamic disruptive camouflage helps insects hide from predators despite its vibrance. In 2020, studies determined this iridescence may also confuse other insects, as was studied in bees.

Lightweight Nylon Hat, made from recycled garments. Breathable mosquito net side pannels.

Elasticated Fidlock buckle, for easy adjustment and attachment to your bag or person.

Each hat is made from scrap fabric, and is made of different iridescent colors.

Hat color varies by panel, and while we try to make them all in one iridescent color, some are made of mixed color segments.

Salvaged and reworked garment with scars and marks from labor and love.

One Size: Large

Made in NYC, USA

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