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William Ellery Lichen Socks are on ongoing research project of technical hosiery.

Socks are made in small batches, and may only be produced once.

New versions of this sock represent the advancements made by the findings you collect.

Submit all research findings here.

V 14 Public Batch 4 Notes:

V14 introduces a clay soil colorway and has a drastic scaled back terry mapping. In an effort to produce a lighter (2.5oz) all wool sock, we trimmed terry padding to land on strategic areas. The heel and toe zones are padded, but the under arch has been reduced to allow for ventilation. We created a dynamic terry tectonic plate on the top of the foot to protect from inadequate trail running tongue padding.


  • 70% Super Fine Merino Wool
  • 25% Nylon
  • 5% Elastic

Technical Details:

  1. Top welt carabiner attachment hole
  2. Clay Visibility Rib Knit Cuff
  3. Trail Tension Body Knit
  4. Dynamic terry seperation
  5. Elasticated Arch
  6. Lace pressure pad
  7. Tectonic Terry Footbed

Included in batch 14 is an aluminum, ultralight, carabiner for drying your socks while hiking. Carabiner color may differ from the version pictured. Not for climbing.

These socks are experimental. Field test at your own risk.

Made in the USA with our laboratory partner Knestknit.

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