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P53 Alpine Belt

P53 Alpine Belt

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William Ellery P53 Alpine Belt

The p53 camo was the first USMC camouflage. A reversible cotton with a cloudy brown side for the fall and winter, and an oaky green side for the spring and summer. This short live historical camo was only every used for shelter halves, and helmet liners.

However, many military garments can be found in this pattern. Each garment made from this fabric was actually made from used shelters, and up-cycled into military replicas. Continuing the tradition of this practice, these belts are made from used shelter straps, manufactured nearly 75 years ago. Each belt is made in a patchwork fashion and shows age from scars, and has souvenirs of of manufacturing such as buttonholes and maker's marks. No two identical.

  • Fits up to 44" waist
  • Natural brass hook and rivets 
  • Quick release cord pull
  • 1” Vintage Cotton belt
  • Leather reinforced connection point

Not for climbing.

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