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Inflatable seat for indoor and outdoor use.

This is not a life preserver, and not for safety use.

Seatpack's inflation is controlled by a 2 stage Boston Valve, for lossless inflation and quick delfation.

Aramid fiber, leather sheathed carrying handle.

Fabric Anchor can be clipped to one of the 4 different solid brass D-ring anchor points, using the brass carabiner. Burying the fabric anchor in sand or dirt,  prevents the seatpack from being blow away when not in use. 

Deflated, seatpack stows inside of the fabric anchor.

Support tension can be increased or decreased using the nylon and brass support strap. Pull the red tab on the tan strap's end to increase tension, and use the red release tab to decrease tension.

Maker's marking is painted with a stencil and finished with a hand painted compass arrow.

Seatpack can be oriented using either end as the seat, but when the long end is the seat back, we suggest added support, such as a log, wall, or sand pile. 

Each seatpack is handmade of vintage & new material, with varying adhesive artifacts. Each piece is unique. Started in UA, finished in USA.

 Inflated Dimensions: 22"H x 24"W x 34"D

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