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UN Trousers

UN Trousers

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William Ellery UN Trousers


These pants are for giving speeches, applying for grants, conducting research, and outdoor field work. As the current issue Expedition Society Trousers, these are intended to suit you just as well during field sampling as they do when you are in the halls of the UN.

William Ellery drop pocket for phone and writing instrument.

Reworked European Military pants for indoor and outdoor use.

Sizing is NATO standard. Sizes are actual measurements, not vanity sizing.

NATO sizing is 3 measurements: Inseam, Waist, Seat. 

Sits on actual waist, and takes well to hemming. 

Side adjusters for dual sided waist size reduction.

100%wool. Salvaged and reworked garment with scars and marks from labor and love.

Originally made in England. Remade in NYC, where the Headquarters of the UN is located.

Dry Clean Only.

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